About Us

Almondsbury play group had been running since the early 1960’s. In 1990 Tina Corney and Helen Taylor took responsibility for the group and were soon faced with the challenge from new demands for the education of children under the age of five. The name was later changed to Little Almonds Pre-School to reflect this progress as play group’s evolved and integrated into today’s educational environment.

With the growth of Bradley Stoke in the early 1990’s, Tina and Helen were conscious of the numbers of children attending Little Almonds from this area and of the urgent need for a Pre-School in Bradley Stoke. Using their expert experience, in 1997 they were able to form Little Acorns Pre-School and base it in Savages Wood Road, Bradley Stoke.

September 2006 saw the opening of a new group for Bradley Stoke North. Little Acers at Bowsland Green Primary School operates from the Sure Start Centre with a play area and promises a close working relationship with the school, with the opportunity to provide one location for children from pre-school to primary school.

All three groups have developed into highly reputable Pre-Schools, with excellent standards. They are subject to regular Ofsted inspection, with commendable results. The groups work closely with the Local Education Authority, schools and various Pre-School associations to maintain and improve these standards.